Social Business By Design – A Personal Summary (Chapter 18)

Chapter 18 – Maturity (The  Social Business Unit)

1. Introduction of new Social Business Unit (formal or informal unit) with the following purpose :

  • facilitates social media adoption and use across the company by providing standards, best practices, lessons learned, coordination, community management, social business intelligence.
  • help to reduce duplicative functions, rationalize social business infrastructure and applications and combine and centralize social business functions where it makes sens
Fig 18.1 : Creating a Centralized Social Business Capability that Enables Local Action

Fig 18.1 : Creating a Centralized Social Business Capability that Enables Local Action

2. Social Business Units typically assist in these ways

  • Competitive Assessment
    • Understand market context
    • Capture domain knowledge
    • Identify best practices
    • Expand possibilities
    • Create gap analysis
  • Social Listening
    • Identify audience
    • Create integrated picture
    • Capture unmet needs
    • Identify opportunities
    • Build collective intelligence
  • Capability Acquisition
    • Create conduit to social world
    • Build skills & ability to execute
    • Develop ability to govern
    • Acquire tools & Infrastructure
    • Assemble social business Unit
  • Engagement Process
    • Reach all social touch points
    • Engage internally with market
    • Drive objectives, create value
    • Coordinate engagement
    • Community Management
  • Analytics & Intelligence
    • Aggregate social data
    • Mine sentiment & trends
    • Derive strategic insight
    • Develop effective responses
    • Provide dashboards & BI
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