Social Business By Design – A Personal Summary (Chapter 17)

Chapter 17 – Getting started with Social Business

1. Some key notes

  • Clear and obvious motivation and incentives mkust align with the use of new tools to instill behaviour change and sustain a new model of engagement as habits are built.
  • Social Media are not as controllable and deterministic as earlier methods

2. Phases of Social Business Adoption

  1. Early adoption
  2. Critical mass adoption
  3. Mainstream adoption
  4. Sustainable adoption

3. The top adoption strategies for Internal Social Business efforts

  1. Establish a clear purpose
  2. Identify and engage adoption champions
  3. Leadership sets the tone
  4. Communicate clear policies for use
  5. Validate social business design usability
  6. Communication Plan
  7. Effective Community Management
  8. Connect to the flow of work
  9. Share the adoption process

3. The top adoption strategies for External Social Business efforts

  1. Go the the audience and draw them in
  2. Employ unique content as a seed for participation
  3. Identify and enlist influencers
  4. Solicit personal engagement from recognized business leaders
  5. Reward the remarkable 1 percent
  6. Engage in community management
  7. Keep it simple
  8. Be authentic and don’t over package
  9. Us first,  the World second
  10. Foster trust and a culture of sharing
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