Social Business By Design – A Personal Summary (Chapter 16)

Chapter 16 – Building a Social Business Strategy (The Outputs)

1. Two Major sets of Social Business concepts were introduced in this book.

2. Concept 1 : The 10 Tenets of social business.

3. Concept 2 : Process of Business Transformation introduced in Chapter 13.

4. Combining the top-down and bottom-up drivers of social business transformation produces a set of core artifacts for communicating, guiding and documenting the process.

5. Figure 16.1 shows the key artifacts which are typically generated, maintained and updated by using social business tools.

Fig 16. 1

Fig 16.1

6. Key artifacts that are instrumental to the success of a social business effort are further explained in Figure 16.2.

Figure 16.2

Figure 16.2

Figure 16.2  (Continued)

Figure 16.2 (Continued)








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