Social Business By Design – A Personal Summary (Chapter 15)

Chapter 15 – Business Cases, Pilots, Return on Investment, and Value (Tying them Together)

1. Figure 15.1, display the ingredients of the Business Cases needed to justify investment in Social Business.

Ingredients of the Business Case : The potential ROI of Social Business

Figure 15. 1 Ingredients of the Business Case : The potential ROI of Social Business

2. A list of the success metric include the following

  • Higher Productivity
  • Better access to experts
  • Information Discovery
  • Business Agility
  • Improved Innovation
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Workplace moderinzation
  • Higher levels of transparency
  • Less duplication
  • Better communication and Collaboration
  • Increased resilience to disruption
  • Higher Revenue and profit

3. This list above provides a useful guidance for crafting a business case on the likely returns, estimating the ROI on an average basis

Personal Notes

1. On higher productivity, less duplication and better communication and collaboration, I have experience personally by comparing what I do now and the previous organization that I work with. I find myself more productive using enterprise wiki for collaboration work and communicating with my teammates. My current environment is very much restricted to email as most of the folks is the office, this is the only tool they are expose to for collaboration and communication. I find myself dreading to go thru my in-box on a day basis. The amount of time spend leaves me with not much time to plan and work on other projects that is needed.

2.   With the continuing use of web 2.0 tools, I have access to expert and discover information serendipitously although it is not within the confines of the organization that I am now in. That is the great part of it is that with web 2.0 tools this serendipitously learning for me does not stop. I can continue to learn and share with people around me. The changes that I would be doing is changing the experts that I follow and sharing what I discovered with a new audience.

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