Social Business By Design – A Personal Summary (Chapter 9)

Chapter 9 – Social Customer Relationship Management and Customer Communities (Social Customer Care)

1. Social CRM :

  • Social CRM is the establishment of a relationship between customer and a business which is publicly visible.

  • It seeks to create a deeper and more engaging community relationship with the organization, customers and prospect.

  • It is one part online community, one part crowdsourcing and one part self-service. As a result, it can create an emergent collaborative online partnership with customers that can result in an array of improvements to business performance in the customer relationship process.

  • It entails less deterministic control and outcomes at times as the crown often has its own thoughts and feeling about how work gets done.

2. Elements of an effective Social CRM Solution

  • A social Venue
    • Customer must be able to establish social identity
    • Must be able to perceive who are the other customers and their contributions
    • Must be able to distinguish who are the staff
    • All parties must be able to interact in a social environment.
  • Customer Participation Mechanism
    • General-purpose discussion forum to facilitate discussion
    • Participation mechanisms to help guide inputs with specific requirement and direct towards productive goals
  • Shared Collective Intelligence
    • Creation of a shared repository of knowledge from combined user participation.
    • It should be cummunlative, discoverable and resuable.
    • Artifacts include customer solutions, product suggestions, sale opportunities and so on.
  • Mechanisms to deal with conversational scale
    • Customers should get some form of response if the community at large does not deliver a response.
    • Tools that bucket identical enquiries together.
    • Other scaling mechanism.

3. Issues with Social CRM

  • Who decides on the final solution from a crowdsourcing
  • Who’s idea / feedback to be selected
  • How will non-employee be compensated.

4. The Social CRM Journey

Personal Note :

For this chapter, I have more questions as compared to the rest of the chapters.

a. What are the measures for a successful social CRM?

b. From this chapter, some of the companies / products that have some success on social CRM are :

  • SAP – Community Network
  • Intuit – Forum
  • Dell’s Idea Storm – Crowdsourcing

Questions for me would be that will social CRM benefit all products / services, discounting those products/services that are of classified nature and hence would not be able to deploy social CRM.

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