Social Business By Design – A personal summary (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2 – Social Media : A Way of Life, a way of Business

This chapter starts with highlighting the importance of Social Media and how it is impacting companies and government which was neatly summed up in this statement found on page 21 of the book.

“New Social Models and enabling tools, combined with the means to employ them effectively, are remaking the landscape of business, society, culture and government”.

The chapters end with the principles of Social Business (Page 22 of the book)

Social Business Tenet #1 – Anyone can participate

Social Business Tenet #2 – Create shared value by default

Social Business Tenet #3 – While participation is self-organizing, the focus is on business outcomes.  

Key Points

1. The emergence of social media impacting business and bureaucracies as users are using social media to exert their influence previously not found.

2. The rise of global social network starting in 2007 is the influence point where people are increasingly choose simpler simpler and more natural and open forms of communications.

Personal Note : I was once a social computing advocate in my previous job and during my engagement with different staff, there are segments of people who are not comfortable with social media and are even more fearful about technology.. This category of users tend to be the digital migrant with limited access to technology. So per se, they are not fearful social media but fearful of the technology.

Another category of users are the diehard email users who still believe that email is the best form of communication. This group user will require a substantial amount of change management to make them see the benefits which I believe will be discussed later in the book.

3. Power shift from classical fortification of power (Economic, Political, Cultural and otherwise)  to loosely organized communities of individuals

Personal Note : Don’t quite agree with this statement. In agreement with the fact that there are lots loosely organization communities of individuals using social media to influence government and companies. However, I don’t quite agree that there is a power shift from the business perspective.  In management course, one of the topic taught is the PESTEL Analysis which is used for determining the opportunities and risk of global expansion or organization in relation to factors affecting their macroenvironment. For me, social media falls under the macro environmental factors  of Social and Technologies. These 2 factors will need to be analysed together closely as it is not just Technology (Social Media) but the adoption and use of Social Media as well in order to analyse the impact of how influential social media to a specific countries. This leads to an topic that has been bugging me over the last few years. Does the usage of social media differ from different countries and cultures.

4. “Influence and power are inexorably flowing into everyone’s hands now that all individual have access to equally powerful tools for self expression”

Personal Note :Agree that tools for self expression are readily available to users and this is mainly still through text, photos and video.

Within the organization context, it would still be predominantly be text. Hence the implication here is that language capability or the ability express oneself in writting is getting more and more important. It may also put capable people (perhaps introvert)  who are good at what they do and are not good expressing themselves at a disadvantage. Hence it is important not to just a person capability based on their ability to article well on social media, it has to be accompanied by other evidence as well. 

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